Friday, March 5, 2010

That Time May Come Sooner Than You Think

Last week, the Star Tribune ran a delightfully schizophrenic article about coyotes in the metro area.  The article was about the increase in coyotes in the city and whether everyone should FREAK OUT... or not. More about that later. But I barked out loud when I saw the juxtaposition of the online ad.  

Their quoted expert Karen Grimm (love love love the name!), Eagan's animal control officer, warns that in coyote country (Eagan..ha ha ha): 

"People who let cats roam at night or tether small dogs in their yards are asking for trouble."

Ms. Grimm also says coyotes are "nature's garbage bins" (You make that sound like a bad thing, Karen).  By this, I take her meaning to be coyotes will eat anything -- including the occasional sacrificial offering of a loose cat or toy dog (no comment).

For the record, I do believe pets go to heaven. But it gets even better when you mouse over the ad. 

The mouse-over details of the same ad...

Somehow I don't think that Cremation Services of MN (or rather, the Star Tribune) quite thought through their audience when placing the ad. People who can't be bothered to watch their pets and small children are highly unlikely to Plan Ahead.

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