Friday, March 5, 2010

All Season Smoothies

Not surprisingly, fruit is more popular than vegies in our house  -- so smoothies aren't exactly a hard sell. (Although Boy#1 actually likes vegetables - which is good because he is a vegetarian... other than that, he is quite normal.) The All Season Smoothie is a quick and easy way to drink your fruit at any meal. And you get a dairy serving in there too. You can whip up a pitcher and tuck it in the fridge for an easy breakfast item. The citrus of the OJ keeps it fresh and tasty.

The best thing about smoothies is that you can mix and match pretty much however you like. If you only have plain yogurt and like it sweeter, add some vanilla and a tablespoon or two of sugar. And frozen fruit tastes great if you don't have the luxury of fresh fruit.

All Season Smoothies

In a pitcher (or blender):

16 oz. vanilla, plain or flavored yogurt -- non-fat to cream-top (you choose)
2 bananas ( you can even use frozen bananas if you don't mind peeling off the creepy black skin)
1 bag frozen fruit (10 oz) - mixed berry is yummy!
1-2 cups orange juice -- enough to fill the gaps and make it however thick you like

Blend with a hand blender until smooth. Makes 4-6 servings.

Give the yogurt container to the dog.

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