Sunday, June 22, 2014

Manifest Destiny

Life is pretty good around here these days. My Susan is back on her feet after busting up her ankle in December. That means she's back to walking me. She is pretty pokey but I try to be patient.

Susan's leg is mending.. after six months.

Good thing Susan is back in the dog walk rotation because Boy#1 is gone on some canoe trip up north.

Sooo much gear to pack to survive in the tundra. But it all fit in the end.

Word is that where Boy#1 is headed, there are musk oxen and caribou and bugs the size of chihuahuas. Funny way to spend a summer, if you ask me.

My main hobby is nearly as challenging as surviving 40+ days in the wilderness: adding permissible furniture to my repertoire.

Deck chairs are for Carmella.
This deck chair has been permissible for awhile. But not sharing is the key.

Recently, Susan and Dave have expanded onto the front porch. It used to be filled with toys. Now it is a breezy, bug-free place to lounge. Looks comfy, right? But not for Carmella!

All the new porch furniture is NOT for Carmella. (Stupid cats.)

The BENCH on the porch seems to be OK. And I can guard the house from here.

The cats think THEY are guarding the house. Puleeze!

The cats weren't using their cat bed...

Same story. I am sticking with it.

If my peeps would buy me a bed like this one, I might be content.

OK, movie night is the best! Equal seating for all!

I guess I am a a pretty lucky dog!

Rumor has it, Dave and Susan have a new California King bed arriving in July. Plenty of room for ME. Right?