Thursday, March 18, 2010

Putting the Poo Back in Shampoo

Boy #1 was feeling disgruntled. Although he washed his hair everyday with the fancy, nice smelling SPA shampoo, it seem oily.

It should be noted that boy #1 is quite nearsighted in the shower. But after a week or so he noticed the SPA bottle laying on the floor next to my collar after my bath (don't get me started). And it was then that he saw the tiny letters spelling Petco®.  His mistake washed over him. He had been using my dog shampoo.

I assured him I have no issues if he wants to use up my shampoo. Shampoo just sets me back on my doggie life-journey.

It does, however, raise interesting questions about marketing. Clearly Petco® has long since discovered that it is women and metro-sexual men who purchase dog shampoo. Or at least SPA dog shampoo that costs $11.99 a bottle. 

Dogs, obviously, would never reach for rice flower with oatmeal shampoo. If forced to choose, we'd go for an entirely different product.

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