Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Searching for Answers

If you fellow bloggers haven't discovered the joys of Google Analytics or similar tools, you're missing out on a great chew toy. One piece of information that you get to gnaw on is the search terms people use that causes them stumble into your territory. I often bark out loud when I see the words typed in and imagine the searchers' snorts, eye rolls or perplexed silence that must often follow when peeking into my backyard.

I am often intrigued by the search words. What is the "brown dog sorting game" - is it fun? Are "carmella chairs" comfy? Are they stylish? What is a "balance sheet of empanada?" Who on earth would want "twinkle lights that are brown?"

I marvel at the specifics of "1876 painting of woman with dog hound."  I am mystified by searches of words that never appear in my blog in any form like "bioresin" or "Charles Whitcomb." I wonder why "damages blogspot" would ever point to my place.

I think I disappoint searchers more often than not. I doubt I guide anyone in their search for "best little brown dogs for seniors" or whether they should have a "pet giant flying squirrel." And I am sure I shed no real light on "why is there an animal in fur traders descending the missouri" or "social isolation in paris during its stage of rapid growth."

Sometimes it is just fun to let them flow past and wonder about people and how they spend their time.  Here are some of my favorites:

1876 painting of woman with dog hound
balance sheet of empanada
best little brown dogs for seniors
box spring dog breed
brown dog sorting game
carmella chairs
carmella from what not to wear
chinese squirrels
correlation cell phone
damages blogspot
degas l'absinthe who was the woman in the photo?
dog coats
dog park snowman
dog with the pearl earring
dumbest dog in the world
edgar degas l’absinthe critique
floating pontoon
giant beer keg
god paws from luther seminary
grandma's molasses/good or bad
hunters in the snow theme
l'absinthe de edgar doga
le dejeuner sur l'herbe controversy
little brown dog breeds
my little verchual dog
painting of fur trader in boat with a cat
pet "giant flying squirrel"
prokaryote in pepperjack
social isolation in paris during its stage of rapid growth.
squirrel appreciation day (those rascals)
the brown dog questions for conversation
turnover crimper
twinkle lights that are brown
what do you get if you cross a dacshund with a chihuahua
what is a pirozkhi?
when other artists correct nature by painting venus they lie
who is the real mona lisa?
why is there an animal in fur traders descending the missouri

1 comment:

  1. "squirrel appreciation day (those rascals)" ???

    I know what you get when you cross a dacshund (sic) with a chihuahua... the dog we had when I was a teenager. Nasty thing.