Saturday, November 21, 2009

There's Only One You

We place a lot of value on uniqueness.  Sameness is comforting, of course, and is the foundation of how we see the world. We sort, we catalog, we group.. but all the while delighting in the knowledge that every snowflake is different.  As we raise our children to mind their manners and become acceptable conforming additions to society, we tell them "There's only one you!"

It is unnerving to see pages and pages of facebook folks with our same name.  We laugh uncomfortably when we wear the same sweater on the same day as an officemate.  But we search for people who like the same things, think the same way, laugh at the same jokes, support the same causes... We say we value diversity but we huddle in familiarity.

As a mutt, I am unique.  I perplex.  I cannot be easily catalogued. The chances of meeting another who looks like me seems pretty slim...especially having settled many states away from my birthplace.  Maybe I have littermates who look like me, but I will never run into them.  I catch people's eye because I am different.

But today at the dog park, I met Oliver. Same size, same color, same shape, same gait, also young, also gorgeous, also friendly, also hates water, also shrugs at balls, also loves to wrestle, also loves the woods...another rescue dog from the South ...

So, IS there only one me?

One thing is certain, Oliver was tons of fun!  If you could clone yourself, would you?

Video: Only One YouCarmella's worldview and perception of self is rocked when she meets Oliver at the dogpark. 

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