Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Little Woman

Some time ago, we adopted a new family member.  No, not me.  This little lady is much smaller.  For someone so small, she demands a surprising amount of attention from her adoring Dave.  Unlike when the family adopted a dog, there were no family discussions about the impact this addition would have.  Dave just brought her home one day and that was that.

The family had no experience in setting proper boundaries for this new entity.  Was she allowed at the dinner table?  In the front seat of the car? Could she talk during movies? Was she welcome in the bathroom? In the marriage bed?  Yes, to all. Like some kind of insidious indoor/outdoor kudzu, she is now everywhere.

She is unstoppable. Susan calls her the Little Woman.  He consults with her, caresses her, carries her everywhere. She's sexy and smart and always has something witty to say.  There is no doubt the Little Woman is handy to have around.  At least they no longer have the "stop and ask for directions fight" and she always points them to the nearest Chipotle.