Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ten and Two O'Clock

I spend a lot of time looking out the back hatch window of our Outback wagon. I think it is well understood that something happens when people get in their cars.  Even though they are surrounded by windows, they think they are alone.  People!  Your glass is two-way.  We can seeee you!

Today, on the freeway ramp entering 94, I'm standing there, peering into some guy's private little world.  He is clapping.  He is driving.  But he is clapping.  Not like: yea, I like that. Woo hoo. But clapping out an intricate rhythm.  Over and over.  He is also wearing headphones the size of Big Macs.  So I'm thinking, this guy is totally grooving.

Did I mention he is now merging into 60 mph traffic?

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