Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Fistful of Arugula

I think I would love Spaghetti Westerns because I just love spaghetti.  I love food. Of course I do.  I am a dog. But I realize that most people wouldn't want to read about my food porn. Though you really should try seasoning all your recipes for a few days in an alley trash can during a hot spell in July. And don't knock sidewalk gum until you've sampled at least few ABC globs...Oh dear, I feel I've lost you, Gentle Reader.

So, I have asked my Susan to co-author my Food Section-- as any dog blog simply MUST have a Food Section. Please return often to A Fistful of Arugula for our thoughts about food and great recipes -- which will even include nasty greens like arugula (yes, I am an omnivore, but HONESTLY!)

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