Monday, November 30, 2009

Dog Coats Are from Hell

It is the last day of November and there is a bite in the air.  Mind you, I am FINE with just my fur.  But I heard my Susan muttering something about a dog coat and I am worried.  What if winter wasn't a one time thing?  What does she mean, "I think I have some some of that penguin patterned polarfleece up in the attic..."?

Here are some things I found she had recently viewed online (you should always clear your browser history, people!).  Frankly, I am horrified.

Just look at his face.  Bluck!  Sherling!

They must have ordered it in extra long.  But the hood is inexcusable.

This, my friends, is life jacket.
Any dog who can't swim...well, Darwin said it best.
And I would rather drown than wear such a fiasco.

The poor pooch is wearing a HOODIE...with pockets...on her back.
Real handy.
She has turned her back and so should you!

I know there are much more terrible things done to dogs in the name of fashion by lonely, wacked-out humans.  But now I am desperately chanting my new mantra, "I must, I must, I must increase my fur!"  (Sorry, Judy Blume, it works better when it rhymes...)

In case you are not impressed by my selections,  Top 10 Dumbest Dog Products

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