Friday, February 26, 2010

Time for a New Slogan

I feel bad for Toyota and all their recalls for sudden and very unexpected acceleration.

I am curious how long it takes Toyota to roll out a new slogan -- as their current one doesn't really work anymore.

Some of their old slogans don't really work anymore either.

Get the Feeling. Toyota. (eeeeeeeee!!!!)
Drive Your Dreams. (More like nightmares.)
The car in front is a Toyota. (I wouldn't pass it, if I was you.)
I love what you do for me - Toyota! (And I never liked that tree much anyway.)
Your new experience of motoring. (Wow! That WAS different!)
The best built cars in the world. (You'd better hope so. That wall in front of you is made out of cement.)
Today Tomorrow Toyota (Is that a threat?)

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