Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better Containers So You Can Behave Badly

I am not really a big fan of containers. Not as silly as silverware, soap or doors -- but generally unneeded from the canine point of view. And let's just admit it, people, containers are largely ineffective when confronted by razor sharp problem solving skills combined with jaws of steel... Did they really think I couldn't open that dog food canister?

But a few weeks ago, I couldn't help noticing a news thread of articles about people's search for better containers. People seem to be searching for a lot of things. But I couldn't help wonder about the folks in charge of thinking up these beauties. How does the dinner conversation go after a good day's work?  "What did you do today, honey?"

And really, who wouldn't want a better ketchup packet? Although, if you have never snatched up a fallen ketchup packet, pierced it quickly with your canines and felt the salty goodness squirt like a plump mole -- you just haven't lived. But I digress... 

What intrigues me is that the main plus of these better packets is that these little containers allow you to dip and drive. "The driver wanted something that could sit on the armrest." Wow. So much for ten and two o-clock hands on the ol' wheel!

This got me thinking about another container that has been improved so behavior can remain shoddy.

Apparently so many Brits bean each other on the head with their beer glasses they even have a name for it: glassing. These bio-resin coated glasses promise to downgrade the 87,000 annual glassing incidents to simple bludgeoning and no longer produce shards with which Brits can lacerate their mates' faces.

And for all those unlucky blokes who do get glassed and end up in the hospital, better personal packaging awaits as well.  Lucky Brits!

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