Friday, February 5, 2010



In case you missed my previous thoughts about Avatar


  1. Carmella, your reading skills amaze me. Thanks for this. I've never seen Disney's Pocahontas, but it's amazing how little it has to do with the known facts of her (or John Smith's) life.

  2. And THAT, dear Daughter #3, is worthy of a whole other post. Disney is history's nemesis. For example, John Smith's dog is never mentioned. He had a dog, you ask? He must have! Why on earth wouldn't he? Unless he was allergic or, gods forbid, he was a cat man.

    We remember some dogs in American history. Lewis and Clark's dog Seaman has recently been given a fair shake (not by Disney, of course, although they considered building Disney's America in Haymarket Virgina with a Lewis and Clark whitewater ride-- perhaps Seaman would navigate). Hmm...I feel a post pecking at it's shell.