Saturday, February 27, 2010

Carmella Ohno

If I was an Olympic athlete, I'd be Apolo Ohno. Short track speed skating would be my thing. There is nothing more fun than zooming with a pack. And body-checking is half the fun. I think Apolo would agree, if he was allowed.

I like Apolo's style. He looks like he is having fun. But he loves to win - just like me.

At the dog park, I like to run with all sort of dogs. As long as I am first. I'll admit that I eat Greyhound dust in the straight-aways. But those guys can't turn.  So I zig and zag and WIN (they pretend they lose interest...ha).

Emma and Carmella Ohno at the dog park.
 Carmella wins the gold!

I also love Apolo's yawn. It is very canine. Yawning is a great way to dissipate tension. 

I hear this may be Apolo Ohno's last Olympics. That makes me a little sad. Maybe I will have to take over.


  1. You might want to check your form, however!

  2. I think your form looks pretty good, Carmella. However, I think four legs are illegal in speed skating. Not saying it's fair; just pointing out the problem.

  3. They use four legs. Or at least three. They have those special-tipped gloves that touch down on all the curves. And they also have their noses in each other's butts all the time -- very canine!