Monday, December 20, 2010

Wastebook 2010

There was much jubilation in our house today when it was discovered that one of Dave's projects WolfQuest made it onto the Republican's top 100 worst examples of government waste - #23, in fact. WolfQuest was right behind the Vidalia Onion Museum (#22) and trailed a salamander crossing project in Vermont (#15).

 Papyrus font always makes me smile and think of Daughter Number Three.
Senator Tom Coburn's Wastebook 2010 was no doubt meant to be a scathing review of government excess. But to me, it reads like a list of 100 Things I Definitely Want to See and Learn More About.

Now I want to visit the Neon Museum in Las Vegas (#3). If I am in DC, I wouldn't object to a potty stop at the newly renovated Marion Park dogpark (#32). I'd love to take a spin at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum (#41) in New York. Who wouldn't want to stroll the new beachfront promenade in Pascagoula, MS (#74) or ride an electric bus in Maryland (#73)?

Thank you Senator Coburn for this wonderful list. Sometimes I wonder about my country. But this list reaffirms my belief that the USA is a fine place full of curiosity, compassion and culture.

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