Monday, June 21, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors...Ruined

I love watching people play Rock, Paper, Scissors. 

Some players choose randomly. Others stare intently at their opponents - trying to psych them out. Are they paper people? Rock types? Or do they favor scissors? 

Men supposedly favor rock -- as it is the forceful, powerful choice. So then who likes to cut? Or smother? Hmmm... There is a whole psychology to winning that some people have thought about a lot. But it is fun for rookies too.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is human competition at its best. Wrapped tightly in simple rules, it is a game in which everyone gets a pretty fair chance at winning. It is not just random chance. But having money, power, beauty or above average intelligence don't matter one whit. 

Well, maybe the intelligence helps. I am sure the Rock, Paper Scissors Society and the Rock, Paper, Scissors World Champions (usually Canadians) would say so.

Obviously, Rock, Paper, Scissors isn't a game for dogs. 

Rock, Rock, Rock gets dull pretty quickly.

My family is always on the lookout for new games to play. So, when I am bored, I troll Amazon looking for fun tabs to leave open in case they are interested (They think this is the work of is Boy #1!). They haven't given me a credit card yet, so that's the best I can do for them.

I wagged my tail when I came across this game for purchase for just $2.99. 

I thought, "Oh! Rock, Paper, Scissors! I love that game!" 

And then I thought, "Dice! I love dice! And look at all those sides on those cute little die! Sweet!!" (I do love dice. They are fun to chew and make Boy #1 and Boy #2 chase after me in a most amusing manner.)

But then it hit me. What a dumb idea. 

First of all, to take the game Rock, Paper, Scissors and make it something you have to buy is just plain ridiculous. The beauty of Rock, Paper, Scissors is that nearly every human on the planet comes equipped with the games pieces. (And, may I add, hands and fingers don't need WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small parts.)

And, really, the whole fun of the game is that you are trying to outwit your opponent by making a choice. It is isn't a random roll of the die that seals your fate. It is about trying to guess what the other guy is going to pick and then, in a split second, choose the one that allows you to squeeze, pinch or pound on your brother.

Those die do look tasty though.

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