Friday, June 11, 2010

Bringing Up Baby

Today was the last day of school for Boy #1 and Boy #2. There were lots of parents at pick-up today and some of them teary. "They grow up so fast!" people always say. Well, that is certainly true for our backyard baby robins!

Today, June 11

They certainly pack them in! 
I am impressed that four eggs produced four babies - 
just like the blue jays! 

The parents are much more low-key than the jays.  
The robins just beep in the trees and look ruffled 
when the ladder and camera comes out. 
No need for the batting helmet.

For a little perspective, here are the little guys 
on June 4 - just one week ago!

And here they were on May 24 - 
18 days ago.
They will fly the nest all too soon. 
And the backyard will be a lonelier place.

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