Friday, June 4, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie (Batch #1)

The baby blue jays left the nest this week. One minute they were popping out pin feathers and the next they were perched awkwardly in the cherry tree.

Their parents are running themselves ragged trying to keep them safe and fed in the big world. But I think all four made it out of childhood. Now the family will forage together until fall.

Even though it was a bit tedious getting dive-bombed whenever I wanted to lay in a patch of sunshine, I will miss the little guys. And I rather enjoyed Boy#1 donning the batting helmet to empty the trash, laughing hysterically as they assailed him.

Susan says she is happy to be allowed back in the sunny part of her garden. The garage roses are in full bloom. The white ones in the middle smell heavenly.

She waxes eloquent about the red ones (they look Kong®-gray to me).

KONG Classic Kong Dog Toy, Medium, Red

And the alley flowers are making a fine show of blues and purples. 


I hear people like to know flower names. The ones in the front are Spiderwort and they put on a show in the morning.  The vines on the trellises are Clematis Roguchi. After a few years, they do a fine job blocking our vista of the neighbor's trash cans.

Clematis Roguchi

Susan has no recollection of what these are. Does anyone know? They might be a native prairie flower. They are over five feet tall! I like these flowers because they make Susan happy every time she walks by it. And they are blue.

Remember these blue eggs? This was our robins' nest on May 24th.

Here are the little fellows on June 4th. 

So even though the blue jays are off at college, we still have company. I do think the robin parents are relieved that the jay family moved on. It is peaceful now.

Grow well, little ones!


  1. Carmella, what does the plant look like that's below the pretty blue flowers your Susan likes so much? What are the leaves like?

  2. They are green. Ha ha ha. Like I'd know.

    I will have Susan send you a picture when it stops raining. :)