Monday, January 21, 2013

Midwinter Day with My Pack

Considering it is -2 degrees outside, today is a pretty good day. That's because my pack is all home and busy around the house.

Dave is working up in the attic, of course. He just got back from a trip to Spain so having a normal Monday on a holiday is his penance. But his day will improve because tonight is his birthday party! Dave is turning 49 this time around and is a little baffled how he got to be almost 50.

Susan is puttering around the kitchen preparing Dave's favorite birthday dinner: pesto pasta, herb bread, pear/blue cheese salad, baked goat cheese stuffed zucchini, and flourless chocolate torte. Everyone will need extra walkies after eating that!

Dave requested flourless chocolate torte for his birthday treat... otherwise known as Death to Carmella, as it includes a full pound of toxic chocolate. I can't even lick the bowl! I wish it was a liver torte.

Dave's flourless chocolate torte. Sigh.

Boy#1 is alternating studying for finals and cheerfully helping get ready for Dave's family party. I am counting on him for a good walk this afternoon, as he complains less about things like cold than anyone else in the family. He complains about lots of other things but physically, he pretty tough.

Boy#2 is pretty scarce because he is supposed to be cleaning his room and taking a shower. He hates baths almost as much as I do!

I am helping Boy#2 clean his room by inspecting his (rarely) made bed.
I rate it four paws up.

Boy#2 is also relishing setting up a new laptop for his dad who hates PC's but needs it for testing things at work. Although Dave fears losing a beloved family member to Microsoft Madness, there is something to be said about having someone in the house know how to make such a beast behave. Boy#2 is happy to finally have a laptop at his beck and call. But like I said, he supposed to be cleaning his room.

The cats are their usual selves.

Sophie helps the clean sweaters dry.
Stuart helps Boy#1 with his Warhammer 40K model building.

Susan is also getting to some projects she has delayed for years. She finally framed a series of postcards by her sister-in-law, fiber artist Elia Woods. Lia gathers inspiration from her gardens to make gorgeous art quilts using photo transfer techniques and natural dyes. Susan thought the exhibition postcards looked beautiful too - so she put them together to hang in our dining room. Someday maybe we'll get to see Lia's quilts (though I suppose I won't be allowed to lay on them).

Postcard series of details of Elia Wood' s art quilts.

It is nice that everyone has hobbies. I hope everyone is having a peaceful, productive day.

Carmella's hobbies include shredding potpie tins.


  1. Hi Carmella, I'm happy to know everything is going well at your house. The birthday dinner and party sound wonderful. I think you better lay off of the potpie pans, however--those things can kill you!

  2. Thanks, Ms. Sparrow. Don't worry, I don't eat aluminum. I just like to shred it. I am careful to only shred things my family hands to me. Otherwise they shriek like banshees.

  3. Hi Carmella, I hope you enjoyed the party and certainly that you were able to avoid all that chocolate. Thanks for letting us know what your family and cat friends are up to. Please wish Boy #1 good luck as he studies for his exams -- though I'm sure he doesn't need it. Coincidentally I also framed some of the postcards Lia had given me - much like your Susan did. They look very nice framed. But what's really cool is to see the whole quilt that the picture is taken from. I got to do that when I saw one of her shows. Wish I had someone like Boy #2 to help me with my computer. Glad to know you're giving such pleasure to your family.