Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Snow Day

We all woke up to a nice Minnesota snowfall - our first measurable snow since last February! Since it was Sunday, there was no wondering what to do about it. So everyone rolled over and went back to sleep.

My peeps really need a snow day. Dave is still suffering from general malaise. His feverish glow gives the Christmas tree some competition. Especially since the top light strand pooped out.

Boy#2 was up all night barfing into a bucket. Generally, I approve of barf. The cats supplement my meager rations by leaving piles of yum all over the house. But this was different. Boy#2's mother got kept getting up - to check the bucket for his innards, I guess. It sure sounded that way. But then, I sleep about a foot from Geo's head - so it was pretty spectacular.

Needless to say, we are all pretty tuckered out. Except for Boy#1 who seems to be powered by plutonium or something. Even after shoveling out the neighbors corner lot and part of ours, he is bouncing around like Tigger. He's my man for walkies, today!

His mother is nostalgic for the days when the boys would run to the window barking with delight at the first snowfall. They'd bundle up and head out for hours. Our backyard is pretty quiet these days. Younger generations have taken up the snow fort construction business.

The neighbor girls.

I did do some bounding about in the snow. It isn't too cold. The smells are great in fresh fallen snow!  My friend Niko was out a lot today too.

Havanese dogs may not be the best snow dogs.

I hope Niko got warmed up. The best part of going outside in the winter is coming back in!

Happy Sunday snow day!

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  1. Sorry to hear your humans are "under the weather".
    Sounds like you're staying on top of it, Carmella.
    I can just imagine you romping in backyard!