Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Dreams

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. A roast bird and family. What more could a little brown dog ask for? How about an invitation!

I spent the day sleeping at home. The pack came home smelling of poultry and young cats. I suppose it would have been a lot to ask of me to not chase Grandma and Grandpa's new cats. But it would have been a awesome calorie burner.

Since I didn't get to join this day of eating, I spent some time dreaming. There are some great ideas out there, in case you want to give me a Christmas present.

Meat gadgets: No one would ever really wonder want happened to the remote if it was made of meat.   credit

Take me to the Meatloaf Bakery in Chicago. I will have The Mother Loaf ®, please. credit

It has been made perfectly clear that I am not allowed in the furniture. But how about if I eat it?  credit

Shall I fetch your shoes for you?       credit

A dog can dream...       credit

But back to Thanksgiving... Here are five things I am thankful for:

1. My family - even if they only feed me one cup of dry dog food each day.
2. Walkies - even if often there are only three.
3. Clawless cats - even if they stare at me without blinking.
4. Peanut butter - even if it only comes in jars that don't fit my head.
5. Squirrels - even if they mostly don't fall out of trees.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Carmella

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  1. Oh Carmella, how I've missed you! It's been a long time. I'm sorry you chase cats so you had to stay home. You'll have to check my blog today about dogs chasing cats!