Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fat Cat Art

I always keep close an eye on cats. Especially when they sidle into my territory. I know I am hardly the only dog on the interweb who's into art. But this Russian cat gives my Art Hound chase. Well done, Zarathustra!

Here are my three favorites.


  1. Granted that the fat cat makes a good art subject, but I still find your splendid art collection far superior, Carmella! When will we see new offerings?

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    2. Thank you, dear Ms. Sparrow. I am always searching for good Art Hound paintings. They are trickier to find than you might think. I think the best ones are the ones that invite humor and surprise. I think this requires a reasonable integration of hound into masterpiece. So its all about finding a scene that works with a pose and expression. Then some time with Photoshop to meld the colors, brushstrokes and lighting. I hope to have some new ones soon!

  2. I'm surprised and impressed at the intricate process involved. I really enjoy all of your artwork and the postcards. I have your classic "snuggy pose" photo on the wall above my computer.

  3. Dear Carmella,
    We are deeply astonished and pleased to get such a praise from a dog! We are also so kind to love your presence at the paintings and We shall definetely tell Our beloved brothers and sisters other cats that dogs also are able to appreciate Arrrt.
    In sincere admiration, now your brother (OMG!) Zarathustra the Cat