Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tough Hands

I came across this ad in our newspaper.

The in-your-face cracked fingers made me cringe - as no doubt they are meant to. I can only imagine how these cracked paw pads must feel - even little cuts hurt like the dickens when I trot through sections of salted sidewalks. Cringing now?

When I turned to the next newspaper section, I had to laugh at the ad I found there. Good thing they had the sense to not place them side-by-side.

This image also rather disturbing. Mostly because the combination of tape, glue, and fur is never to be taken lightly. But I do think this gorilla might appreciate it if someone gave him some O'Keefe's Working Hands cream.

If you are still cringing, take in this image. Aaaaah!

Although you still might want to handle with care.


  1. The picture of the little baby hedgehog after the big, coarse hands was like a dollop of Cool Whip covering a bowl of greasy spark plugs! Nice afterthought!
    Glad you're back!