Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Twin Cities Dog Park Map

When we were at the vet, we picked up this free map of Twin Cities dog areas. It shows the Twin Cities area and the locations of all the great dog places like dog parks, shelters, and clinics -- as well as a few "necessary" evil ones like dog washes and animal control.

If you can't find a free one around town, you can buy it online from Hedberg Maps for 60 cents.
detail of map

On the other side, the off-leash dog areas are listed with all their addresses, amenities and permit requirements.

back of map

Minnehaha Media makes sponsor-supported free maps. Check out the selection of other maps. They have maps of farmers markets, orchards, walking trails, arts, dining... way cool stuff for pups and people. 
This mapmaker deserves a seriously tasty treat!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful plug on Twin Cities Dog Lovers - Run+Play+Wag Map! The 2010 edition came out last winter and was available at over 130 locations in the Twin Cities. We are getting down to the last of the supply and many locations are "sold out". Good news! The 2011 edition will be updated and out in January!!! Please contact if you are interested in sponsoring or distributing the 2011 edition.

  2. Thanks, John. We will definitely grab an updated one. My people also love your Farmers Market map and will be on the lookout for that Orchard map.

    I will post a Dog Area map on the Battle Creek Off-Leash Dog Park kiosk.

    Make sure you note that Battle Creek is now 35 acres. And add "wetland pond" and/or "dog swimming pond" the description. Thanks!

  3. The 2012 edition of the Twin Cities Dog Lovers Map - Run+Play+Wag is in production and set for release in March. New additions and other suprises.....check out for details.

  4. Thanks,John! We will watch for it.