Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snake on the Path

This fall, Susan and I have seen several of these tiny brown snakes on the asphalt path at Battle Creek Regional Park. A man said with authority that they are red-bellied snakes. But we didn't see any red bellies.

This one has a damaged tail. And we've seen others flattened by bikes.
They should stay in the grass.
These snakes are so small - and sluggish with the fall chill - that they look like stranded night crawlers. Maybe they are babies. 

There are 17 kinds of snakes in Minnesota according to the DNR. We are used to seeing lots of garter snakes. But these little fellas are new to Susan. Anybody know what they are?

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  1. I would have thought that it was a nightcrawler and ignored it. I'm shocked to learn there are that many snakes around Minnesota. Let us know if you learn more about the little brown snakes.