Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just Do It

This morning's paper had an article about two guys who go around fixing typos, To err is human, to correct divine. I thought immediately of blogger Daughter Number Three's meticulous eye and amusing posts about many such blunders. Check them out: Honey--Get Me Rewrite.

The typo team also made me think about a middle-aged couple my Susan and I see at the park when we get up really early. They are clearly out for their morning constitutional like we are. They are shy like deer so we never get close to them or exchange pleasantries. But I think of them often because they always have a bag with them..and no dog. What they do with their bag never ceases to amaze me. They pick up litter as they walk. Every day.

There are some women at the dog park who pick up any poo they see. No nonsense. They just take care of it.

I find it inspiring to think there are folks who see a problem and just go ahead and fix it.

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