Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time To Get Out the Batting Helmet

We have blue jays nesting under the eave of our garage - as previously described in some detail. Yes, the jays did indeed return for a second round. And why not? It is the perfect spot to raise a family.

Tucked under the protective overhang it is warm in the morning sun and cool as the day progresses. The nest is surrounded by a bramble of vicious rose thorns. The fenced yard is protected from cats and other predators by a loyal hound (that's me).

In fact, two robins have joined the blue jays just around the corner. They are building a lovely nest on the north side of the garage - perched on top the yard light right over the chickadee house (those picky chickadees never did move in). I am not sure how the bluejays will take to having neighbors.  They don't seem like the live and let live types.

My Susan spent the weekend gardening peacefully under the watchful eyes of soon-to-be jay parents. They were still incubating the eggs so they played it cool. Other than a moment of outrage when the new, noisy sprinkler went on, they stayed hunkered down except to go grab a bite now and then.

It has been an early spring and with last week's rain, the plants are huge - including the weeds. My Susan ripped out armloads of the things, trying desperately to find spots for her new plants. By Sunday she was pretty whipped and was standing quietly surveying her work when suddenly she screamed, "Bad word! Bad words!  BAD WORD!" (I promised myself I'd keep this blog at a G rating) and clutched her head in pain.

Those jays dive bomb from behind with full claws and beak. I know from experience! The boys heard their mother (and who didn't?) and ran out to the deck delighted, "The baby jays hatched!"

Time to get the batting helmet out. And the video camera. If someone will stop laughing long enough a decent shot.

In the meantime, check out the cute little baby cardinals on Daughter Number Three's blog.

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