Monday, May 24, 2010

Chick Magnet Garage

As you may already know from past posts Up to Eleven (April 20, 2010) and Time to Get the Batting Helmet Out (May 18, 2010), my little estate has become quite the bird nursery. Our garage is a chick magnet! We've got blue jay chicks on east side and robin eggs on the north east corner. (The chickadees never moved in - after weeks of house showings... but their noisy family is close-by.)

I am still worried about the jay-robin coexistence. Either the blue jays haven't figured out the robins are there (and how dumb can the little birdbrains be) or they don't see the robins as a threat. But certainly the robins must be worried about the jays. For the time being, they confine themselves to dive-bombing each other and leave it at that.

The blue jays got the head start. You can just see the jay on the nest in this photo. It was hard for Susan to get a good angle  - with the garage eave and the dive-bombing. But you get a nice feel of the thorny layers. Nobody is going to raid that nest! But tell that to the parents.

The jays attacked the camera...
OK, Susan was on a ladder peering in.

But look how cute the little blue jay quads are! 
(They are panting because it is very hot - 90+ today.)

The robins are still sitting on eggs.

I think they wish their nest was neater 
but yard lights don't make the best base.
Don't worry, we are keeping the lights off...

They are expecting quads too!

Happy spring! 

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