Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carmella in Washington Town

There are many pleasures of having a learning game designer in the house.

Mainly, he works at home. Which means I have an all-day, low-demand companion who gives me Moist and Meaty® treats at lunch time after he lets me out to pee.  I would prefer, of course, that Dave worked on the deck.

Who says desk work can't be deck work?

But I do get to lounge in the attic listening to the click-clack of the keyboard and the blah blah blah of phone conversations-- very restful. Then I get a walk at 5:30 and finally my raison d'etre: DINNER. It is a good weekday life for a dog (made even sweeter because the other wage earner takes me to the dog park on Wednesdays).

Another unexpected delight of living with Dave the learning game designer is that I get to... wait for a virtual dog too!

That's right, Carmella is a character in an online game about Texas Independence. As previously noted, I am not a working dog in real life. But Carmella the virtual hound is a great guide dog. In this interactive story, I lead your avatar around 1836 Washington (yes, that's in Texas, Yankee friends).

Check it out! (You'll find me when you get to town).  Follow that dog!

Texas Independence: In Washington Town
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  1. I must say, your avatar isn't nearly as cute as you, Carmella. Of course, the avatar is a cowboy dog and you are a dumpling.

  2. Where do you make that sim dog

    1. The sim dog was a custom model made by a 3-D artist for that project. He made this one of a kind virtual mutt to look like me using a photo.

      I agree with Ms. Sparrow that he could have used a few less pixels... I am slimmer in real life.