Friday, January 22, 2010

Chinese Giant Flying Squirrel

I was thrilled to get a comment in Chinese on my last post about Squirrel Appreciation Day.


Google translates this as "Trips informal spots, there is King is good." Obviously, something has been lost in that translation. I hope I haven't now published something that will get me on Homeland Security's list of Canines to Be Monitored.

But it got me thinking about China and wondering what kind of squirrels they might have there.  And take a look at this one!

This is a Chinese Giant Flying Squirrel.
Even I have to admit, it has some serious style!

I can't decide if the thought of a giant flying squirrel terrifies me or would be the best thing EVER. I can see myself launching effortlessly off the deck, twisting gracefully to match its veering flight and landing in a spectacular roll, giant flying squirrel in my powerful jaws.

On the other hand, I might be dive-bombed mercilessly by flocks of the little rascals whenever I ventured onto my estate.  Hmmm...
And how giant is giant? There aren't carnivorous squirrels in the world, are there? Oh great, now my thoughts are going all Hitchcockian.


  1. It's like a remake of Willard... with squirrels.

  2. Just the fact that Willard was made in 1971 gives me the chills. And I think it must be a movie best served raw in the 70's, from the description I read.

  3. Yes, Squirrels eat meat. I saw one at a KFC feasting on a chicken leg. One favorite food of squirrels is eggs and baby birds.