Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Baker's Dozen of Good Dog

One of my favorite bloggers, Daughter Number Three, writes:

"I spent the day cleaning out the basement, so I haven't had much time to write something for the first day of the new year. Inspired by Michael Leddy at Orange Crate Art (who was in turn inspired by another blogger), today's post is made up of the first sentence of the first post from each month in 2009. "

Reading Daughter Number Three's 12 Sentences from the Past for the New Year I am reminded to thank her for her wonderful, quirky lens. She notices what most of us zoom right by. Her posts tease out beautiful details with interesting juxtapositions and rich analysis. I love her curiosity and her dry, often bark-out-loud funny delivery.  That she finds something interesting to write every day is both daunting and motivating. It was after reading her blog for months that I decided to set aside my excuses and give it a try. Thank you, Daughter Number Three, for inspiring a little brown dog to take the leap in a crowded blogging world.

I decided to try the whole "first sentence from posts" thing-- despite the fact that I have only been blogging for a few months and completely lack Daughter Number Three's depth and breadth. I stuck to my Good Dog category because it was a nice baker's dozen of entries (with text) and is all about my favorite topic. Looking at it laid out, I appear to be quite obsessed with myself, my comfort and the evils of cold weather. Huh. Well, it IS ridiculously cold outside right now. Not even ZERO. Just saying.

I think it would be best read aloud by Christopher Walken or maybe William Shatner...

A Baker's Dozen of Good Dog 
What kind of dog is that? 
Yesterday was my birthday.
I have heard that Susan might have wanted one more baby.
We place a lot of value on uniqueness.
It is the last day of November and there is a bite in the air.
OK, it could be worse.
I think I should give my new red coat to my fb friend Hillary's cat named...wait for it...Cosmo!
I hear it took my gal ten years to buy a winter coat.
I didn't choose North.
Having just whined about feeling cooped up by winter, I am feeling humbled by Faith the two-legged dog.
As 2009 draws to a close, I received an unexpected promotion.
The good news: We got another comfortable chair!

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  1. Carmella, your baker's dozen reads like poetry. Good dog!

    And thanks for the kind words about my blog... *blush*