Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seven Things You and Your Dog Don't Need

It isn't quite so cold this week but the snow is so deep in the back yard that I can barely keep my head above it. No zoomies for me. So more indoor time. Sigh.

Here some weird things I found online today.

If you smell like peanut butter
and I am in a GOOD mood.

Custom nose print pendant
priced by the size of your dog's nose.
This one is a Great Dane so costs $170.
This is just plain weird.

Dog lips dog toy should never be fetched.
Bury them in the in the woods.

Cat battle armor is only $500. Yikes!

I am not a fan of dressing up your dog.
But this dynamic duo looks pretty good.

Hey! This looks like me!

Dog scratching post?!!
There's even a video demonstrating how to claw.
(This looks like Stuart...thank goodness he has no claws.)


  1. OMG, those are wonderful. I laughed out loud at the dog lips! I'm wondering under what circumstances a cat would need $500 battle armor. And, I'm wondering how you would talk your cat into wearing it!

    1. Terrifying! Luckily, I bet it isn't available in Stuart's size. Although Sophie is the one I worry about.

  2. OK, the dog lips did make me laugh, I'll admit. But seriously? Idiots and their money are soon parted. The little dog tag was kinda cute though. Not keen on getting licked, however.
    Fun stuff.