Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Firepits, Some Death Stars, Always Hot Dogs, and a Volcano

My blogger pal Ms. Sparrow commented on my last post about fire pits featuring burning animals:

"I would rather see a volcano one. That would be awesome! Seeing trees and animals threatened by a forest fire is not pleasant, but I could watch a really active volcano for hours!"

I think she is right. Even though I would never ever want to set paw anywhere near a real volcano, I agree that they are pretty amazing - at least when I've seen them on TV. I wondered if there were any volcano-design fire pits out there. Sadly, no.

This is the closest to a volcano fire pit that I found for Ms. Sparrow:

"Alpenglow" Mountain Sunset Fire Pit

I think the best fire pits feature designs of things meant to be burning hot. 
Like the sun:

"Solar Flare" Custom Fire Pit

Or dancing 'round the campfire at a full moon party:

Full Moon Party Fire Dome

 This is my Susan's favorite. 
She says she would buy this one for our backyard 
or the cabin we don't have (but it is $2000). 
I just hope the creepy people don't come with it...

The Great Bowl O' Fire

Here's a truly epic fire pit! 
 I would want a lever to pull that would make it shoot flames 10-20 feet.
It would keep the partying, peeing college students out of our yard.
And the cats.

Epic Dragon Fire Pit

This is a fire pit for my three Star Wars lovin' boys:

Death Star Fire Pit which is probably fake but funny

I would prefer this Death Star, for obvious reasons. 
Susan says, yeah, and the chocolate would be the death of me. 
Uh huh. I think people make stuff up...

Death Star Cookie Jar

 Dave would like this Death Star even better.

Death Star Ice Sphere

Wait...where was I? Oh yeah. Fire pits...

I don't really like fire. 
But I do like activities involving roasted sausages, marshmallows and the like. 
These dawgs are all for Carmella!   


I leave you with these rather sad images:

Campfire Kids Indoor Camping Gear: 
"Pretend to roast your marshmallows and hot dogs!

Who wants to PRETEND?
Plastic food is pointless.
Use with Campfire Kids Campfire (sold separately)

"Fun for kids who aren't fans of the great outdoors. It brings that play inside!" 

That is so sad. 

Somehow, I just don't think Ms. Sparrow meant this:

Small Nature's Fire Interactive Volcano


  1. Where do you find all this amazing stuff? It is such fun to look at! Thanks for trying to find a volcano fire pit but at $2,000 I wouldn't be buying one anyway--especially since I only have a small patio and the condo association would probably object. I would have to settle for the lava-lamp/snow-globe type thing. I agree that the campfire play set is sorta sad. But then again, it's seems like a long time until we can have the real thing!