Friday, July 20, 2012

Cover the Earth

My family was on the road last week and passed a whole slew of these Sherwin Williams Paint trucks.

This has to be one of the more disturbing advertising campaigns I've ever seen from a paint company. I suspect a James Bond villain may be running SWP.

Smothering the earth in blood also makes me think of Susan's and my guilty pleasure show: True Blood - which has more blood than either of us can really handle. Those vampires are messed up and Sookie should get some sense.

We both think Sookie should stick with Alcide Herveaux - the something-for-everyone werewolf.
Obviously, I prefer Alcide in his wolf phase.

But I got nothin' good to say about True Blood werepanthers... they are bad kitties.

I think Stuart might be a werepanther...that would explain the evil...


  1. I've never gotten into True Blood since I'm not a big vampire fan. However, I'm a big fan of Walking Dead and watch the zombies being clobbered by the good guys every chance I get. Not much blood involved there--just gore and guts.
    I have three kitties and none of them are evil, are you sure that your black cat isn't just deep in thought, Carmella? My cats lay around and think a lot!

    1. That's funny, Ms. Sparrow! We tried Walking Dead and it was mighty gross. But I agree it is always fun to see the zombies get defeated. I think True Blood is great because at its heart is a great soap opera with lots of gray characters. You sort of root for all of them. Except maybe the werepanther clan but I do feel sorry for them.

      That thoughtful look is Stuart thinking about eating my dog food. I have to gobble fast or he sneaks a piece. And I am not allowed to make him drop it.

      The worst thing about cats is that they slink and stare at me and never blink. That is very rude in dog. When I stare it means back down or I will bite you.

      But I am very relieved to hear you do not have evil in your cats. I would hate to think of you living with THREE evil cats.

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