Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks for Smoked Bones, Roast Chickens and Kittens

Yesterday was a day of giving thanks across the nation. You may have heard my bark of thanks when I got my Thanksgiving bone. 

We spent Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They put on a fine spread.

That is one mighty fine bird! I got to help with clean-up...although they did not let me lick the fine china.

Thanksgiving is all about family. Apparently Grandma and Grandpa decided they needed a bigger family. So today Boy#2 and Susan went with them to the Humane Society to adopt some kittens. I think a dog would have been a better choice, of course. But even I can't help but feel a little melty looking at these sweet babies.

This one looks like our Sophie. I wonder what they will name her..
Her sister has a tortoise shell thing going on. She looks so soft and cute. And smart. And talented.

Susan says if I say nice things about kittens, I will get another bone.

How'd I do?


  1. You did very well, Little Brown Dog. Another bone for you. But don't barf it up afterward!

    Brian N.

  2. Why thank you, Brian!

    I love kittens. I would never eat kittens.I would never chase them or shake them. They look nothing like squirrels... nothing at all.

    FYI:I would never barf up my bone. That would be wasteful. ;-)

  3. What a good doggie you are, we only have kitty cats in our home, they always look across the street to the lady who grooms all animals & hear their barking until she takes them out for big walks..of course we run inside and also we never ever get taken for walks we are cats, we rule silently and affectionately..happy holidays from sophie, cody girls, bailey and miyagi boys...

  4. sophie, cody girls, bailey and miyagi boys,

    Happy Holidays to you too!

    I am working on being more of a cat person. I think of it more of a journey than a destination. Preferably a journey with lots of chases. Errr...I mean snuggles. Heh.