Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zombie Farmers

While I waited for Boys#1&2 to drop blueberry pancake bits this morning, this article in the morning paper grabbed my attention. 

I found it a chilling article for the Saturday morning Variety section. 

Maybe I have been reading too many of Boy#1's zombie books. But that hand is darn creepy with its undead fingernails. And that chicken wire ain't gonna keep that other zombie in for long!

Susan tried to assure me that it was an article about female farmers, sustainable agriculture and visiting children from a local charter school. 

Poor slob. 

She will be one of the first to go in the zombie apocalypse. "Oh, someone is at the door...I will go see who it is... Aaaaauuuuuugh!!!!"

Further investigation proved my initial suspicions were correct about the nature of this farm. I found these additional photos accompanying the online version of the article. Pretty dark for a "Lifestyle" article.

A new zombie farmer is created and left to season in the field.
Zombie farmers wear pink flip-flops? Who knew?
A zombie farmer probes the leaves for produce to sell
at the Zombie Farmers Market (Sundays 1-5)
Zombie farmers leave their fields to find lunch.
Zombie farmers have not yet mastered the art of peaceful conflict resolution.

Zombie farmers may be taking root at a farm near you.

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  1. Maybe if the zombie farmers take root, it will slow them down and your Susan will have a chance to get away when she opens the door.