Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too Humid...

We woke up this morning to find our house windows completely fogged over -- on the outside. That's what you get when the humidity outdoors approaches Amazonian conditions and bumps up against our climate controlled box. This morning's walks were challenging. Panting just doesn't work that well when the air is almost liquid.

Boy#1 and Boy#2 are off at their respective water-based summer camps for wholesome, screen-free, boy fun. I am trying to look sufficiently bored to trigger a dog park outing...but so far, no takers. Susan and Dave haven't had a boy-free week in almost fifteen years and I am not sure how it will go. Maybe Susan will go adopt a puppy.

This isn't me.
I don't have any puppy pictures
since I was already one year old
when I  rescued my family from their dog-free existence.
But I think this is what I looked like as a puppy. 
I used to think I would like a puppy around the house. Someone always willing to play. But now that I have gotten older, I think I prefer to own the whole place. A puppy would want to sleep in my bed and chew up my toys -- or worse: chew up my bed.

I like my routines just as they are.

Well... I wouldn't mind more time outside, humid or not. I can always lay under the picnic table.

The trouble with folks around here is that they complain seamlessly, season to season about the weather. Too cold, too hot, too dry, too humid... I am surrounded by Goldilockses.

Can I just say that I find the whole Goldilocks as heroine rather baffling? She just waltzes in, messes everything up and runs away. And you are supposed to root for her. In my town, it is called "breaking and entering." Those bears should have had a good guard dog like me.

Interestingly, I have now learned that the original versions of the Goldilocks tale featured a nosy, old woman who often met a bitter end. But when the crafty Silver-Hair character became pretty Goldilocks the original punch of the morality tale was lost. Whatever the crime, I guess you can't really impale a golden-haired, little girl on the steeple of St. Paul's Cathedral (the way you apparently could do given a gnarly, elderly female. Real nice...)

Anyway... I just wish my family didn't want to sit on the deck only when the weather is "just right." I think most weather is worth enjoying.  Except for rain -- I hate rain... And really cold... And weather with fierce wind or loud thunder... and...

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