Monday, May 30, 2011

How My Garden Grows

 I love my garden. The paths meander through all the corners making patrol rounds very relaxing. Here's what is in bloom in this long, cool spring.

The pasque flowers gone to seed
look like Dr. Seuss lorax trees.

If I see a lorax in my garden,
I am going to catch it
and make it go squeakie-squeakie.
I'll bet they are pretty slow...
Star of Bethlehem flowers are
the only religious thing in our garden.
Needless to say, no one around here
was expecting big changes
last week for the Rapture. 

Susan likes weird creatures in the garden
that are no fun to chase.
That maidenhair fern behind the snail
is looking good this year.

Siberian irises are always pleasing.
I help out by gnawing out all
the crab grass from the clumps.

The bleeding hearts are huge bushes this year! 

The best part about gardening is that Susan takes care of all the work while I sleep in the sun and play with bumblebees.

Bees are easy to catch.
They sort of stick to your tongue
as they fly by.

Bumblebees are so adorable in their little polarfleece coats. They are very pokey fliers. I can snatch them out of the air with my lightening fast reflexes. I like how they buzz when I body slam them on the grass.

This is wrong. 
This is actually a rather cute bee.
But I don't think it could fly very well.

The other day while I was tossing a bee around the yard, I got this terrible pain in my foot. No idea what that was about... I thought I was going to die. But it went away so I went back to bumblebee hunting today.

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