Sunday, March 6, 2011

Windowsill Herb Garden

It is clear that there is a deep need for spring in my household. My Susan went to a greenhouse this weekend. She said she needed to breath in living plants. She brought home a bunch of plants and then spent a contented hour humming, potting and arranging.

The cats LOVE to eat houseplants. I love to hear the cats get yelled at and chased with a spray bottle. So everyone is pleased.

A kitchen herb garden to combat March blues.
Susan planted herbs in a windowsill container: basil, rosemary and mint. Even if they eat them up (or they die like most of Susan's houseplants) she says it is cheaper than buying fresh herbs from the grocery store. The three-pot system allows for individual herb replacement without disturbing the others. She said I should point out this cleverness. I think perhaps she needs her own blog.

Honestly, I don't have a lot of interest in herbs. I don't eat leaves -- other than grass. But herbs make for a happy cook which means more crumb showers for me.  

I did get to lay on the deck in the sunshine yesterday. Hello, spring!

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