Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best of Show

Susan spent this morning at the school fair talking to parents about school choice for their precious pups. Then she popped into the Land of Lakes American Kennel Club Dog Show that was happening next door. She said the events were not unlike each other.

Dogs, like children, come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, with different skill sets.

Shar Pei
As do dog owners and parents.
Standard Poodle
Russian Mastiff
Dog owners, like parents, want the very best for their pooches and spend countless hours preparing them to put their best paws forward.

What IS this dog? 
Old English Sheepdog
Dogs and children find such events involve a LOT of waiting around while adults talk talk talk. They try to be patient.
Bernese Mountain Dog
Afghan Hound
Dog shows are all about putting your pride and joy in the ring to be judged. School choice can feel that way too, Susan says.

English Springer Spaniel group
Judging of English Springer Spaniels
Australian Cattle Dog wins third place
One thing seems clear, dog owners love their children too. 

Mind you, all of the 2,000 dogs at the show were purebreds - some 150 breeds. There were no events for mutts like me. I would NOT fit in. But Susan says I am cuter and sweeter than any of the dogs she saw today. 

She is a good girl!

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  1. I should add that there IS an dog show event that mutts can participate in.. so long as they know their parentage. The event is Obedience. So again, nothing for me. Bark bark bark.