Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Cold Night to Be Lost

Today, Susan went grocery shopping and as she was carrying them into the house, a tall, young husky followed her in. And who wouldn't follow a bag of groceries?

I admit I was pretty alarmed to have a stranger appear on my porch and I expressed myself clearly. Then, she let him in MY backyard! To make matters worse, she walked him all around the neighborhood with MY leash and then put him into MY car.

He seems to be gone now. But I can still smell him. If I met him at the dogpark, I might think he was a pretty nice fellow. But I am not so sure that I want to share my house with another dog. It is mine, after all.

To the person missing a handsome, blue-eyed husky who couldn't be bothered to buy him tags or microchip him - he is waiting for you at the Humane Society on Beulah Ave. in St. Paul. In five days, he will be up for adoption and will certainly be chosen right away. Susan says he was very sweet and can sit and shake paws. Humph.

Lost dog #11917801
UPDATE: Dave and I went out later in the evening for a VERY CHILLY walk and heard some young guys calling, "LOKI!  LOKI!" So we asked them if they were missing a husky -- which indeed they were. And boy, were they lucky they ran into us because they were supposed to be dogsitting and had no idea that one would contact animal control aka the Animal Humane Society to be reunited with a lost pet.

For the record, the Humane Society has a great lost, found and stray posting system online to help reunite people with their loved ones. Loki was posted within the hour. So, if you ever find a wandering pet you can drop it off, no questions asked other than where you found him/her. They hold the animal for five days and then put it up for adoption (if it is adoptable). For $75, they will tell you how it all turns out and give you dibs on adoption after the five days.

But here is a funny thing: Now that I think about it, I DID meet this dog Loki at the dogpark a few weeks ago and we had a great time. I knew he looked familiar through the porch window. So, if we meet this Loki again at the dogpark with his real owner, do we mention they should consider other, more reliable options for dogsitting? Do you think those young men will have mentioned to the owner that they almost lost that beautiful dog for good on a cold winter night? Hmmm...I think not.

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