Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scarry Pigs

Does anyone else find the whole pig barbecuing ribs image really disturbing?

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE to eat pork -- with or without barbecue sauce. But Famous Dave's® logo draws on something dark that makes my hackles rise. Maybe it is the flames, the crazed eyes or the salacious tongue but I don't think I want go there. 

I am really glad they do take out. 

Susan says it reminds her of a Richard Scarry scene. Pigs chopping, serving, eating or even riding in pork products were quite common in Scarry's early editions. 

Mrs. Butcher makes The Bates Motel look like a good night's sleep. Disturbing drawings like these  got cleaned up in later PC'd versions of Scarry's books. Mama pig purchased no meat at the grocery. Mama and Papa cooked side by side in the kitchen. 

But take a closer look at Baby Pig gazing wistfully at the bacon, frankfurters and chop. The text says:

"a piglet wants to work in the supermarket when she grows up"

There go my hackles again!

I am more comfortable with the Angry Trout Cafe. The fish is pissed. I would be too. But at least there isn't another trout on the other end of that line.

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  1. The part of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe where the talking cow recommends portions of its anatomy to the waiting diners always disturbed me. I think I only saw it once, and I still remember it, so that's significant in my case.