Saturday, November 5, 2011


I didn't manage to post a Halloween howdy this year. I was too busy barking at those pesky trick-or-treaters. They just kept coming! In the end, I was a good dog and I drove them all away. It took me a few days to recover. 

Here is my pick for best costume. I don't really approve of dressing up fellow canines, of course. But I do enjoy seeing Dave laugh so hard wine comes out his nose. And a good Star Wars reference always pleases Boy#1 and Boy#2. Like the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, this AT-AT costume for an Italian greyhound is just about perfect.

AT-AT dog by Katie Mello

I am sure Katie's dog Bones got plenty of treats for putting up with her artistic endeavor - so don't bother commenting that he looks stressed. Greyhounds always look like that.

You wanna see stressed? The temperature is dropping and I know that my stoopid winter coat is lurking somewhere.

dog clothes are stoopid

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