Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sundogs - or solar parhelia (seen here on both sides) -
occur when ice crystals reflect sunlight.
A friend remarked today that is was a good morning for sundogs. I have to admit I didn't look at the sun this morning. When it is just above zero, I make a fast dash for my morning constitutional and then fly back to the warm kitchen for breakfast. I don't even stop for squirrels.

Sundogs are named sundogs because they remind people of loyal pooches sitting by their master the sun. Huh. Other people say it is because sundogs are dogging the sun - a rather derogatory term, if you ask me. Susan tells me to quit dogging her when she walks around the house with a snack. OK, I might get a little close behind her- but I would appreciate it if she would refrain from clipping me in the jaw with her heels when I dog her going down the stairs. (She is rolling her eyes at me right now).

I tried to be a sun dog today and curled up in a tiny patch of sunshine on Boy#1's dirty clothes. The anemic winter sunbeam was less than satisfying as a heat source. But the funky clothes smelled comforting. I missed him and his brother today. School is back in session. It was pretty dull around here.

I never knew there were such a things moondogs. I think they are more rare than sundogs (which are not rare at all, but most people just don't notice them). I am not a night dog so I don't know if I will ever seen a moondog - but they do look pretty.


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