Sunday, January 30, 2011

Live the Moment

This Sunday morning, we were surprised to find the New York Times on our doorstep rather than our usual Star Tribune. Although Boy#1 was perturbed that his  favorite comics were not available, we expect the household who received our local paper was even more put out.

We came across this ad. What the heck is going on here?

At first we thought it was an ad for medieval torture devices. And certainly the young lady was meant to be a play on Iron Maiden. 

Susan said she couldn't get the image of a tea bag out of her head.

Further research revealed that One&Only are swishy resorts for "entertaining the world's elite." 


So, is the gal in the basket one of the world's elite? If so, what sort of entertainment is this? Relax with a bamboo  grid riding up your naked bum while others watch? She certainly looks startled and perturbed that we are looking at her. Hmm...

Maybe I have it backwards. The packaged female IS the entertainment for the world's elite. The young lady is a nice goody basket dropped on the beach for a guest's mid afternoon fun. 

Fantasy Island, anyone?

"Hey, Boss, cabana six ordered the Special Goody Basket AGAIN."

I just don't know...

One thing is certain, One&Only marketing folks clearly like this image. It also appears on their website. 

What's up with that tagline?

One&Only in a nutshell.
Live the moment.

What is the moment? The moment when some paparazzi snapped his million dollar photo? Or some journalist tracks down a story about the sex trade?

Although the nutshell thing does work rather well visually. Naked, folded flesh in a basket. Walnut meats nestled in their split shell.

Boy#1 points out that the only point of any ad is to rivet our attention and make you remember the product. This one certainly worked like a charm in my household. I now know what One&Only resorts are... and I know that none of mine will ever go to one.

I, for one, can find that kind of fun right here at home.

Live the moment.


  1. Excellent analysis, Carmella. For me, the thing I find with ads like this is that I would remember the image and general outrage, but would not remember the name of the product. So Boy#1's point (at least for me) is only partly correct -- I'm so distracted by the outrageous stupidity that my brain doesn't bother to store the piece of information the advertiser most wants me to remember.

    I guess that's why repetition is important in advertising.

  2. I notice that when they snapped your picture, Carmella, you only managed to look bored. Like, you couldn't fake being elite in your nutshell?!