Friday, May 14, 2010

Izzy's Flavor Up

Every once in awhile, technology is used to provide truly wonderful things. Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe in St. Paul has the best ice cream in the WORLD. And now, you can find out when your favorite flavor is being served by checking Flavor Up. It shows all the currently available flavors and is updated every THREE MINUTES!

Not that I am all that picky about flavors of ice cream. They all taste good right off the sidewalk. I wish they had an alert to whenever some dumb kid knocks his or her scoop to the ground. I could get there in five minutes flat, door to door.


  1. What is your flavor, Ms. Sparrow?

    I like them all-- although my family never let's me try the chocolate which I suppose it for the best.

    My Susan dreams of pistachio (!) which is very rare.

    FYI: Izzy's also does email alerts when your favorite flavor becomes available.

  2. Pistachio emailed.

    I got the end of the cone!!!!

  3. I like lemon custard. Although I have a hard time resisting the plain old chocolate. They really do have the best.