Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 Cents Can Cause Pee In Your Pants Hilarity

Who needs to spend ten bucks for a movie? A quarter is all you need for unlimited entertainment - if you have a squirt of super glue and some bushes to hide in. And you are a boy between the ages of five and fifteen.

Simply glue a quarter to the sidewalk and hide. And watch innocent people break their stride as they spot it. Their eyes light up. They look side to side to be sure it is theirs and theirs alone. Then they reach to pluck it.

Whole families give it a try. Scuff marks on the sidewalk reveal the determination, the tenacity of the average American. But no one falls for it more than once.

There really is nothing funnier for my boys. Well, other than a whoopee cushion which was hilarious until one of them jumped on it. No, you do not get the loudest fart EVER. It simply bursts.

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