Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wait Till She Sees...

Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen
Ballard Street


  1. I STILL don't get it--would you explain it to me like I was really stupid?

  2. You are never stupid, dear Ms. Sparrow!

    I just had to laugh at this one because it has been my experience that my people are not always as excited as I am when I play with their favorite toys. My boys object to slobber coatings and when I rip the heads off their favorite stuffed animals. Go figure!

    I love the optimism of the cartoon dog as she presents her owner with a mere shred of the owner's prized possession. The dog really believes, as I often do, that the owner will be pleased to see dog's shared interest in a beloved object.

  3. Thanks, Carmella, I guess I was over-thinking it.
    I can be such a bird-brain sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing the Ballard Street cartoons. They are just the best!