Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Rug for Everyone

My Susan took Boy#2 to the orthodontist to get some appliances. I was expecting a new toaster oven or a crockpot. Wishful thinking, I guess.

I think Boy#2's teeth look fine.

Not as nice as mine, of course. He'd never be able to hold on to a squirrel.

While they were waiting for the new appliances at orthodontist, Susan came across this picture in a magazine and thought of me.

I chose not to be offended. I haven't peed on the floor in a long time. Not since I was a frazzled new adoptee in a strange new land.

But this fellow surely looks regretful. I think that's why they named the rug design "Reflections."Although the pattern also does such a nice job of looking like reflecting pee puddles.

I also appreciate the power of the guilt trip. "Our Looms. Your Legacy." (Dog pee is pretty hard to get rid of...)

I am not sure who would want a dog-pee patterned rug. But there are a lot of rugs in the world that are pretty odd.

In case you don't have a real dog to trip over constantly.                 source

Don't you want to bounce on the yolks?                                               source

I like to watch Susan cringe when she looks at this rug.
Is it because she is done, done, done with March?
Or simply her deep aversion to the anarchy of
a truck driving across a white, indoor rug?                                        source

Boy#1, on the other hand, would love this rug in his room.       source

Here's one for Dave. He knows why.

I know our Grandma Elizabeth would love this rug.                        source

Here's one for Uncle Andy.                                                                source

Boy#2's rug request.                                                                       source

And finally, a rug for Carmella!
I wish this was sure looks like Stuart.  source

As you can probably tell, we are trapped in our house by March freezing rain and sloppy ice. Clearly, Susan doesn't want to do taxes or vacuum. Happy, Saturday!

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  1. First of all, Carmella, I compliment you on your sparkling white teeth. You will surely be able to grip a squirrel with those if the occasion should ever arise. How could you ever choose which of those rugs to lie on? It would take you all day to decide whether to snuggle up on the fried eggs or the pizza or scootch around on the green "flying" carpet (and we won't even mention the one with the pee!) The tire tracks and tree trunk slab are guy stuff but the green maze would be terrific--for me, at least. Be nice to Stuart now--good dog!