Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a wonder that I'm in this world at all

It was a quiet week. With the boys at camp, Susan and Dave wasted no time settling into a peaceful, kid-free routine centered around good food, completed conversations and a few unnecessary outings.

A necessary outing is fetching more peanut butter or taking the cats to the vet. An unnecessary outing is going to the Gillian Welch and David Rawlings concert. Why leave me here alone for the evening?

Why not just invite Gillian and David here for cocktails? I am sure they would be would be happy to come relax with us on the deck. I reckon they would sing real nice after a few of my Dave's Old Fashioneds. Or maybe they only drink moonshine.

Carmella and Gillian Welch relax on the deck.
If Gillian does come over, I will ask her to sing my favorite song about rescue dogs, No One Knows My Name.

Its' a wonder that I'm in this world at all.
It's a wonder that I'm in this world at all.
And I have a life to claim 
though I really don't know my name.
It's a wonder that I'm in this world at all.

Other than the unnecessary outings, Susan and Dave covered my dog walks well enough. I got to the dog park despite that wicked heat wave so I shouldn't complain too much. But I really missed my boys...

Boy#2 arrived home happy, tired and reeking of summer camp fun. Whatever it is they do at summer camp, it smells not unlike a nice swampy July day spent with the pack at the dog park. I wish they didn't feel the need to launder everything just as it passed the threshold. I wanted to roll and revel in it.. a virtual summer camp experience in a duffle. Mmmmmm...


  1. As usual, I so enjoy your posts! Love the photo of Carmella and Gillian. Your creativity rocks.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! It has been hard to stay motivated this summer. So many patches of sunshine need a dog.